Who ARE We?

Our Mission

Slow down from the fast-paced everyday life, whether business or personal, and create a space to showcase the community, services, and product quality. 

Share freely learnings for the benefit of all, so we prosper while enjoying quality moments with each other in a mindful, memorable, and fun way. It is a gathering with a purpose. It seeks to inspire positive change, foster sustainable practices, empower the youth, and create a coffee culture that is not only exceptional in taste but also in its impact on the environment and society.

Some important steps in developing the industry

2016: First specialty coffee festival.

2019: Forming Artisan Coffee Community Association to help the national coffee community grow.

2021: Integrating the first 6 jobs in The National Classification of Occupations (the COR).

2021 – 2022: Newly branded specialty coffee event – Slow Coffee Festival organized in 2 days.

2023 – 3 days event.

Now, we aim to share freely learnings for the benefit of all, so and spread our message while empowering the youth.

Our Core Values

“Economic life is an arena for the expression of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, generosity, and other qualities of the spirit. The individual is not merely a self-interested economic unit, striving to claim an ever-greater share of the world’s material resources.”