Welcome to the highly anticipated 7th edition of the Slow Coffee Festival – an annual extravaganza that sets the hearts of the specialty coffee community aflutter. In this remarkable installment, we proudly unveil a theme that transcends the ordinary – a rallying call to empower the youth towards embracing a lifestyle of sustainability.

Get ready to be inspired, invigorated, and immersed in the artistry of coffee with a purpose.


Day 1 - B2B ExcellencE

31st of May

An exclusive day dedicated to industry professionals and innovators. Discover cutting-edge solutions, engage in networking opportunities, and explore potential partnerships. Experience personalized one-on- one discussions tailored to your business needs. Connect with like-minded individuals and unlock exciting opportunities for growth.

Slow Coffee, Fast Growth : Prepare for a day filled with enriching speeches, engaging discussions, and plenty of coffee inspiration.


Days 2 & 3 - Embrace the Celebration!

1st and 2nd of June

Get ready to immerse yourself in the heart of the festivities as we celebrate International Coffee Day! Open to the public, these two days are a vibrant showcase of coffee champions through Aeropress National Championship, state-of- the-art equipment, and an exquisite selection of great coffee at our renowned Roaster’s Village. Present your business to an enthusiastic audience and capture their attention.



Together, let's drive positive impact and inspire a coffee culture that's environmentally friendly and empowering!

No One-Time Use Cups: Say goodbye to single-use cups! At our festival, we're encouraging the use of reusable cups like Huskee to reduce waste and promote a greener future! No Animal Milk: We're proud to offer a variety of plant-based milk alternatives, ensuring a dairy-free and cruelty-free coffee experience for all! Let's sip responsibly and compassionately! No Alcohol: Our festival promotes a mindful and healthy coffee celebration. Join us for alcohol-free events, where specialty coffee takes center stage!

Explore our digital map to discover every corner of this sustainable coffee wonderland, including your favorite coffee brands!